A year later and my hair is now at least 6 inches long, thanks to Dr Fenton

“As a 23 year old girl with a happy life and thick, long, healthy hair, never did I expect to one day run my fingers through my hair and discover a patch of baldness much larger than a 50p piece.

“My alopecia progressed quickly and along with a few larger patches of complete baldness, my hair thinned all over. I’m writing this review 1 year after my last appointment with a heart full of gratitude to Dr Fenton. My hair started growing back after just 3 months of primarily steroid treatment and what were once bald patches, are now full of thick, wavy almost shoulder length hairs.

“Dr Fenton’s approach was determined but also cautious, knowing the potential side effects of long term steroid use.

“Some would describe Dr Fenton’s office and his practice as old-fashioned and outdated. Whilst putting pen to paper is not always the most efficient way to take notes and write prescriptions nowadays, I didn’t even notice it at the time because during my appointments it was clear that there was no distractions from my case. There were no busy waiting rooms making you feel like one of many patients he needs to get through that day. The calm environment and focused treatment was what made the trips to London from Rutland worthwhile.

“I felt like a shell of a human as he looked through my hair, staring directly at my biggest insecurities. I did not want to speak, I just wanted to disappear and cry and he didn’t push me to talk. He wasn’t over-friendly and over-enthusiastic with encouragement, he was calm and measured which was exactly the approach I needed.

“Dr Fenton was not pushy and as soon as my hair showed signs of regrowth, we were told to get in touch and come back only if I needed to – no unnecessary further expenditure for us that he could so easily have requested by suggesting one further appointment.

I would highly recommend Dr Fenton for treatment of alopecia, particularly for those who feel insecure and vulnerable as a result.”
KE, London

“I first visited Dr Fenton a year ago when I was suffering from a rather large patch of Alopecia Areata on my scalp and was referred to him by another doctor. Now, two years on from my initial diagnosis, I am absolutely delighted to say that I have now grown approximately four inches of hair over the entire bald patch; it is thick and appears to healthy and is my natural hair colour. The only downside is that it has a mind of its own – but I am happy with that!

“I cannot thank Dr Fenton enough. This was a horrendous experience to go through both physically and emotionally and although very few people in my life were aware of the problem, I did actually feel like a freak!

“I am now back to my old self but have learnt some very valuable lessons from this life experience. So, once again, my sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr David Fenton.”
GH, Chingford, London

“I just want to say thank you to Dr David Fenton (and his team!) for the exceptional care and kindness shown to my son over the last 18 months. His support also to an anxious mother has been tremendous.”
JT, London

“It is always so lovely to see Dr Fenton and I want to thank him for the support, encouragement and kindness he always shows myself and my husband. We really appreciate the time and wise words that he so kindly gave us.”
ZD, Essex

“I’d like to say thank you to Dr Fenton for being such an amazing doctor for the last 24 years and all his help in treating my alopecia.”
KM, Surrey

“I am so grateful to Dr Fenton’s gentle ministering and I am so glad to say that with his help my hair has totally grown back now. Although not life-threatening, alopecia was disheartening and I was so pleased to be able to come and see Dr Fenton and be treated so successfully. It is amazing the quackery and suggestions that are out there! I am very lucky.”
JD, Kent

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