New study looks at use of Finasteride for female hair loss

When it comes to hair loss treatments, very few on the market are FDA approved. However, one FDA-approved medication which has been successfully used in male hair loss is Finasteride. Although it has received negative media coverage in recent years in terms of the negative side effects it can have in men, researchers are now looking to see whether the drug could be effectively used to treat female hair loss.

New study provides valuable insight into Finasteride for female hair loss

As Finasteride isn’t currently prescribed for women suffering from hair loss, researchers wanted to determine how effective it might be if it was. The drug has been prescribed for men for decades now, but there has been very evidence found into how it might benefit those suffering from female hair loss.

The study, carried out by researchers from the University of California, looked into the use and efficiency of Finasteride for female hair loss. The review comes as more physicians are starting to use Finasteride as a potential treatment option for women patients.

The researchers analysed literature taken from January 1997, through until July 2017. It included a total of 2,683 participants and 65 studies into the use of Finasteride for women. What was most interesting about this new study, was that it revealed issues between varying dosages, administration and duration of treatment.

Due to how varied the previous studies had been, it makes it very difficult to determine just how effective Finasteride might be in the treatment of women. For example, some of the trials analysed looked at using Finasteride to treat women with excessive hair growth, while others focused on treating hair loss. These conflicting administrations make it difficult to determine just how viable the drug is for treating hair loss conditions.

Much more research into Finasteride for women required

The key finding of the new study is that much more research is needed before Finasteride could be considered a potential treatment option. As it stands, results from previous studies are far too varied, providing very little evidence as to how the drug may work for different hair loss conditions.

Additional studies will also be required to identify any potential side effects. The drug is well known to have nasty side effects in men, so it will be crucial to determine how safe it is when used to treat women’s hair loss conditions.

Which hair loss treatments options are available to women?

Although we are a long way off from discovering whether or not Finasteride for female hair loss is a viable treatment option, there are some great treatment options already on the market.

Minoxidil is one of the best temporary treatments you can use, especially suitable for stress, hormone and diet-related hair loss. You can purchase the lower strength dose over the counter, but a higher strength dose can be prescribed for more severe hair loss.

If you are concerned about your thinning hair, it is important to seek advice from a hair loss specialist. They will be able to help you identify the cause and the best course of treatment to help clear it up.