New product claims to relax black hair without resulting in hair loss and thinning


hair loss and black women

A new product developed by the American company Chemyunion, claims to relax and straighten afro-textured hair without causing damage or hair loss. The company claims using the new product won’t just protect the hair, but it will also leave it stronger and looking better and healthier than ever before.

While hair loss is a common issue across all races and genders, black hair is known to be especially susceptible to damage caused by heated appliances. So, could this new product really help to prevent hair loss and thinning?

What is the new product?

The new product, known as Serilis RA, claims to help women protect and straighten their hair with ease. It’s said to improve the condition of the hair with each use and claims to leave the hair straighter for longer.

The manufacturer claims it works due to a protein complex which helps to preserve cystine, while permeating sericin; both of which are important in boosting the hair’s strength. The hair will supposedly be 14% stronger, 24% straighter and 20% shinier after 10 washes.

It certainly sounds impressive. However, no information has actually been provided on the clinical trials carried out on the product, or regarding how the figures released were determined. Furthermore, the product is considered to be cosmetic, which means it does not need to be reviewed or approved by the US regulatory board, FDA.

Understanding the potential dangers of hair products

The product is available on a trial basis on the manufacturer’s website. However, caution should be taken before you consider trying it, as the product hasn’t been assessed or regulated by the governing body so there is no real way to tell how safe it actually is.

It is also only designed to straighten and protect afro-textured hair. So, if you are suffering from hair thinning or hair loss, it is unlikely going to help. Chemical relaxer products are also known to have numerous risks for the hair. They have the potential to cause serious damage to the hair and scalp if they are applied incorrectly. There’s also a risk of chemical burns. So, it’s highly recommended any chemical relaxer treatments are carried out by a trained professional, rather than a DIY home kit.

Hair loss and black women

Recently, a study was presented to the American Academy of Dermatology’s annual meeting, entitled ‘What Black Women Need to Know About Hair Loss’. It pointed out that black women were more prone to suffer from hair loss and, unfortunately, less likely to seek professional health.

Alongside the causes of hair loss that all women are susceptible to, black women are more prone to a condition called Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia (CCA) that causes inflammation and destruction of the hair follicles, resulting in permanent hair loss in some cases. This genetic disposition to this particular hair loss condition is further compounded by hair styling practices using chemical relaxers or tight hairstyles that can result in traction alopecia.

Out of the almost 6,000 black women interviewed in the study, half reported some degree of hair loss but 81.4% of those women had never sought any help from a doctor or dermatologist. Early intervention in hair loss will typically result in successful treatment so it’s essential to seek diagnosis and assistance as soon as you start to notice a problem.