New developments in treatment of Alopecia Areata

alopecia areata treatmentsWhen most people think of Alopecia Areata, they imagine the rare form of hair loss which leaves sufferers with a completely bald scalp. However, the condition is actually really common and the majority of the time it results in patchy hair loss which can grow back for some sufferers.

However, this is little comfort to those who do develop the condition. It is one of the few types of hair loss which is completely unpredictable. Although it is often temporary, there is a chance it can lead to permanent hair loss. What makes it even more devastating for sufferers, is the fact there is currently no cure available for Alopecia Areata. However, that could be about to change with some new Alopecia Areata treatments.

The first FDA-approved drug could soon hit the market

Drug companies have been working non-stop to be the first to discover a cure for Alopecia Areata. Now, it appears two companies have developed potential treatments and they’re currently fighting it out to become the first to get the product to market.

Aclaris Therapeutics Inc, and Concert Pharmaceuticals Inc, are both currently testing a new drug which could successfully treat the condition. If they manage it, the drug would become the first US FDA-approved treatment available to sufferers.

However, the CTP-543 Concert Pharmaceuticals Inc drug trial has currently been placed on hold. The FDA requested the company halt the trial while it awaits more data. This has caused a significant delay in the manufacturer’s schedule, which could mean Aclaris Therapeutics Inc could take the lead. The company’s ATI-50001 drug is set to start mid-trial testing later this year.

The FDA has pretty strict rules regarding drug safety, so the fact the company has requested more data for the CTP-543 drug is good news for hair loss sufferers. It means, no drug will be introduced unless it is 100% safe to take.

Other exciting hair loss developments

The potential FDA-approved drugs aren’t the only exciting breakthrough in the quest for an Alopecia Areata cure. A research team from the University of Queensland has recently revealed that gene therapy could provide a potential cure in the future.
It may be early days, but advancements in the immunology industry certainly look promising. The team aren’t the only ones to have discovered that a fault in the immune response of Alopecia Areata sufferers could be the cause of the condition. However, they are the first to suggest that with this newfound knowledge a cure could be developed in the future that would basically switch the negative response of the immune system off.

However, gene therapy isn’t solely focused on finding a cure for Alopecia Areata. Instead, it’s currently being used to treat severe allergies. Researchers are hoping to develop a jab that will permanently prevent sufferers from developing allergies. Therefore, it is likely to take many years before it can be used to cure the condition.

Overall, for those suffering from Alopecia Areata, the recent breakthroughs are definitely hopeful. While gene therapy treatment may be a long way off, the two FDA approved drugs being trialled right now are proving extremely promising as Alopecia Areata treatments.