Could taking aspirin regularly be affecting your hair loss treatment?

A small study has recently revealed that taking low doses of aspirin daily could reduce the effectiveness of hair loss treatment. The results were published within the Dermatologic Therapy Medical Journal and it’s the first study of its kind to look at the direct link between aspirin and topical hair loss treatments. Here, we’ll look […]

Genetic hair loss in women explained

There are a lot of different causes of hair loss, but genetics is by far the most common. Typically associated with male pattern baldness, did you know that genetic hair loss can also affect women too? Here, we’ll look explore genetic hair loss in women and the treatments available to help. Is genetic hair loss […]

Party fun and winter sun: why this time of year is bad for our hair

Call Winter’s harsh weather conditions have long been known to impact our skin. Most know to gear up their skincare routine to accommodate for the changes in temperature and a lack of moisture. However, what about the effects winter can have on our hair? It’s not just the drop-in temperature which makes this time of […]

David Beckham’s new look puts male hair loss in the spotlight

Beckham is no stranger to the spotlight, but this time it’s his hair which has become a talking point. When taking to the stage at an event in Hong Kong as an insurance firm ambassador, Beckham not only appears to have dyed his hair, but it appears noticeably thicker too. So, could Beckham have undergone […]

Eczema drug could be solution for alopecia areata sufferers

Doctors have recently discovered that an eczema drug could have the power to restore the hair in those suffering from alopecia areata. After treating a teenager with the drug for severe eczema in the US, doctors were astonished to find it caused significant hair regrowth. So, could the drug prove to be the hope alopecia […]

Could wearable hair loss devices be the future of hair loss treatment?

A new study carried out on mice has shown that a wearable device featuring 900 microlasers, can help to stimulate hair growth. Designed to be used for just 15 minutes each day, the device has so far shown to be very promising, providing potential hope for balding men in the future. So, could a wearable device […]

Can you sniff your way back from baldness?

A new study has revealed that a chemical which smells similar to sandalwood, could help to stimulate hair growth. Although the research is still in its early days, scientists have said they believe they are right on the edge of a hair loss breakthrough. So, could you really smell your way back from baldness? Here, […]

New product claims to relax black hair without resulting in hair loss and thinning

  A new product developed by the American company Chemyunion, claims to relax and straighten afro-textured hair without causing damage or hair loss. The company claims using the new product won’t just protect the hair, but it will also leave it stronger and looking better and healthier than ever before. While hair loss is a […]

Is our high fat Western diet causing hair loss and could it be reversed?

Hair loss is known to have a wide range of different causes, and diet has commonly been linked to the health of our locks. However, it isn’t just vitamin and mineral deficiencies which can lead to damage and hair loss; it seems that fat can also play a role. Now, researchers from the renowned John […]

The Future of Female Pattern Baldness: Scientists Found Way to Reverse Wrinkles and Hair Loss

Female pattern baldness is said to affect around half of all women over the age of 65. Currently, there is no cure, but that could soon change thanks to a group of scientists from a university in the US. In what is being dubbed as a ground-breaking new study, the scientists discovered a way to […]

Hormones and Hair Loss: 5 Ways Your Hormones Can Cause Havoc with Your Hair

Hair loss can be caused by a wide range of factors and hormones are just one of them. For most women, hormonal changes are the leading cause of their shedding or thinning locks. It’s no surprise when you think that the female body has a really delicate balance of hormones and chemicals. Any changes within […]

Brave Women Reveal Their Hair Loss on National TV to Present Alopecia in Positive Light

Approximately eight million women in the UK suffer from some form of female hair loss. Although largely associated with ageing, the truth is that hair loss can strike at any time. Despite how common the condition is, that doesn’t reduce the embarrassment, shame and worry that many women feel when they discover their hair is starting […]

More and More Younger Men Are Seeking Hair Transplants

For decades now, men have turned to hair transplants as an effective solution to their male hair loss worries. Although the general consensus is that the recommended minimum age for hair transplants is 25, the majority of patients have typically always been middle-aged men. These days, however, times have changed. There has been a significant increase […]

UK researchers find osteoporosis drug could tackle hair loss

Researchers from the Centre for Dermatology Research at the University of Manchester have discovered an osteoporosis drug could become atreatment for androgenetic alopecia. After testing the drug on hairs donated by patients undergoing hair transplants, it was revealed it could stimulate hair regrowth within just two days. This new finding is an exciting development, providing […]

New trial into PRP for treating female pattern hair loss

  A new trial is set to explore whether PRP could be used as an effective treatment for female pattern hair loss. It will also look at whether or not it could prove beneficial at improving the patient’s quality of life. Although studies have been carried out to determine whether PRP could treat hereditary hair […]

Is your hair giving you a health warning?

Here, we’ll look at some of the potential health warnings your hair could be trying to give you. Health and hair loss: poor diet and digestion Although diet and digestive problems aren’t the most common cause of hair troubles, it’s certainly possible they could be the trigger. Your hair cells have the second fastest growth […]

Dr David Fenton speaks to BBC Online about stigma surrounding baldness

Dr David Fenton was recently interviewed for an article on baldness published on BBC Online. In light of the news that an immunosuppressant drug could potentially cure male pattern baldness, a BBC reporter delved into why there is such a stigma surrounding male hair loss. Dr Fenton, representing the British Association of Dermatologists, explained to the reporter […]

Can a Woman Have a Hair Transplant? What Are Your Hair Loss Treatment Options?

  Hair loss used to be associated with a male-only issue. However, these days many women also experience hair loss and hair thinning. In fact, it is estimated 1 in every 5 women in the UK, suffer from some form of hair loss. The good news is, hair loss treatments have come a long way […]

New Trial for Possible Hair Loss Cure

  A new trial is being carried out by the Lebanese University to test a possible hair loss cure. While there’s been a lot of promising research conducted over the past couple of years, the majority has focused on JAK inhibitor-based treatments. This new trial, however, centres on an adipose-derived cure. The researchers from the […]

Gluten found to heal damaged hair

Researchers in China and the USA have recently discovered that gluten may be able to heal damaged hair. Working together, the researchers were looking to discover a protein which could bind to the hair, helping to repair it. After following on from previous research, it was discovered gluten could be the key to healthy locks. […]

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