stem cell hair loss treatment

Stem Cell Study Indicates Hair Loss Could Be Preventable

A new study carried out by researchers from Helsinki and Cologne, has indicated that hair loss could be preventable. The team discovered a mechanism which could prevent hair loss. The results, published within the Cell Metabolism journal, provide hope for a future cure. Here, we’ll look at this latest study and what this means for […]

Risk Factors for Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia

Risk Factors for Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia Established in New Study

According to a new study, commercial dermatology products could increase the risk of Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia (FFA). The findings, published within the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, show common products could be responsible for hair loss. Here, we’ll look at the new study and its findings, alongside a brief overview of Frontal Fibrosing […]

antihistamines effective alopecia areata treatment

Antihistamines Effective in Treatment of Alopecia Areata, New Study Finds

A new alopecia areata study has revealed that antihistamines could be an effective treatment option. Published in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, it provides hope for those suffering with the condition which currently has no cure. Here, we’ll look at this new study and why it is important for those living with alopecia […]

postpartum hair loss

Postpartum Hair Loss: How to Treat It and When You Should Seek Help

After giving birth, the body understandably goes through some pretty big changes. As hormone levels start to regulate, many women notice a particularly worrying change in their hair. Thinning and hair loss are surprising yet common symptoms after pregnancy. Known as postpartum hair loss, it can cause women a lot of distress, particularly if they […]

reason for hair loss

Surprising Reason for Hair Loss Discovered

Hair loss is a common, yet devastating issue. There are all kinds of hair loss conditions you can experience in your lifetime. Now, new research has revealed an additional and surprising reason for hair loss you might want to familiarise yourself with, and it relates to oral health. According to research carried out by the […]

different causes of hair loss

September Marks Alopecia Awareness Month

Each September, Alopecia Awareness Month aims to educate the public about hair loss and its effects on patients. It is thought approximately 90,000 people in the UK suffer with Alopecia Areata, an immune disease which sees patients experience patchy areas of hair loss. However, this isn’t the only form of hair loss you can suffer […]

Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia in Women

Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia in Women Linked to Autoimmune Disease and Thyroid Abnormalities A

According to a new study, women with Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia are more likely to suffer autoimmune disease as well as thyroid abnormalities. The results, published within the British Journal of Dermatology, provide specialists with a better idea of how to approach patient treatment. Here, we’ll look at what the study revealed, as well delve deeper […]

COVID and hair loss

COVID and Hair Loss Explained 

The COVID-19 pandemic is the most significant healthcare crisis we have faced in a generation and our understanding of the virus is constantly expanding. The virus is known to affect the respiratory system, but it also has a few surprising effects on the body you might not be aware of. Some people are claiming the […]

Dr David Fenton talks hair loss treatments to MoneyWeek

Dr David Fenton comments on the haircare industry in MoneyWeek

The haircare market is big business, generating $500 billion a year in global sales. Alongside haircare products, there is also the contribution of the drug and biotech sectors that are searching for treatments that could slow down hair loss – or, the holy grail, cure baldness for good. In the past, age-related hair loss might […]

how severe is my hair loss

How Severe is My Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a common condition in men, often caused by genetics and known as Androgenetic Alopecia or Male Pattern Baldness. Over half of men will develop it at some time in their lives. In order to treat the problem, it’s important to understand how advanced the hair loss is. There are differing levels of […]

Central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia

Hair and Scalp Conditions Affecting Black Women

Hair and scalp conditions are common to us all, but did you know some tend to affect certain ethnicities more than others? For example, black women are more at risk of developing some types of hair and scalp conditions due to the genetic make-up of the hair. Here, we’ll look at some of the most […]

stem cell hair loss treatment

Stem Cell Treatment Offers Hope for Hair Loss Sufferers

In a recent study, scientists have successfully managed to grow hair in mice using human stem cells. This has provided hope that a cure for baldness could be on the way. The American scientists used skin organoids taken from stem cells. These small tissue cultures are able to create multiple layers of skin tissue which […]

natural hair loss treatments

Hair Loss Treatments: Why Natural Isn’t Always Best

Hair loss is an extremely common issue for both men and women. While in many cases it is a natural sign of ageing, it doesn’t stop it from affecting confidence and self-esteem. Losing your hair can be devastating, with many stating it has had a significant negative impact on their quality of life. Hair loss […]

drug-induced hair loss

Is Your Medication Causing Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a common condition experienced by both men and women. Did you know that there is a wide range of factors that can cause you to start losing your hair? While genetics and age tend to be the biggest hair loss culprits, it can also be brought on by a change in medication. […]

stress-related hair loss

Dealing with Stress-Related Hair Loss

Have you recently noticed a change in your hair? If so, it could be down to the increased levels of stress due to the coronavirus. Indeed researchers at University College of London have already carried out a large-scale survey of 80,000 adults in England and have found a sharp increase in stress levels. Stress is […]

alopecia areata drug

Alopecia Areata Treatment Get FDA Breakthrough Therapy Status

Alopecia areata is considered the most severe type of hair loss experienced. At present, there is no cure for the condition which affects millions of people. However, Lilly’s Olumiant has recently been given breakthrough status by the FDA for its potential new alopecia areata drug option. The breakthrough status was provided for the JAK inhibitor, […]

hair cell transplant technique

Scientists Develop Cell Transplant Technique that Could Reverse Balding

Japanese scientists have developed a hair cell transplant technique which could reverse balding. The Tokyo based study looked into the effectiveness of transplanting a patient’s own hair cells into the scalp. It revealed an 8% increase in the amount of hair produced by the patients over a period of one year. Here, we’ll look at […]

hair loss and high blood pressure

Hair Loss and High Blood Pressure Link

High blood pressure is often referred to as an invisible killer. Its harmful effects on our health and wellbeing have been well documented in recent years. Now, a recent study has revealed a surprising link between the condition and hair loss. Here, we’ll look at what this recent study revealed and the high blood pressure […]

childhood alopecia support

Mattel’s Barbie Helping to Normalise Childhood Alopecia

Barbie has remained one of the most popular children’s toys for decades. Now, the company behind the famous doll, Mattel, has created a doll for children suffering from alopecia. The brand has introduced several new dolls over the past decade to ensure they represent a range of body types and images. This latest doll for […]

vitamin deficiency hair loss

Winter Warning: Your Hair Loss Could be a Sign of Vitamin D Deficiency

Have you noticed your hair is shedding more than usual this winter? According to experts, it could be down to a vitamin D deficiency. Public Health England (PHE) has issued new advice telling people to up their vitamin D levels in the winter months. So, how could a vitamin D deficiency contribute towards hair loss […]

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