hair loss research

Could hair loss be optional in the future?

Researchers have made a new discovery that could see hair loss become an optional thing in the future. After carrying out a study on mice, they discovered a structure within the hair follicles that could play a crucial role in hair loss. Now, they are hoping this new discovery could be the future cure of […]

female hair loss

Dr David Fenton comments on female hair loss for the Guardian

Female hair loss can be particularly devastating as women often associate long, flowing locks with their feminity. High profile women accepting and embracing hair loss can help make it more acceptable and recently US talk show host Ricki Lake went public with her own 30-year battle with hair loss. Lake put down her hair issues […]

hair loss treatment

New Technique Developed That Could Measure the Success of Hair Loss Treatments

Scientists have come up with a new technique which can potentially be used to measure the success of a hair loss treatment. The new research carried out by the Massachusetts General Hospital is an exciting step in the hair loss field. It is hoped the new technique could be used to also detect hair loss […]

stress and hair loss

Too much work and you could go bald, according to new study

A new South Korean study has revealed working long hours could cause you to go bald. It’s already been established that long working hours can contribute to other serious health troubles such as increasing the risk of a stroke. However, this recent study is the only one to reveal the impact too much work can […]

wearable hair loss technology

Could wearable tech reverse male pattern baldness?

Wearable tech could be used to reverse male pattern baldness in the future thanks to a development made by engineers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The team have developed a low-cost, non-invasive, hair growth stimulating technology. This technology is placed under a hat and when worn, it stimulates hair growth. So, could the key to […]

male pattern hair loss

Dr David Fenton sounds caution at news of world’s first hair bank

News that the world’s first hair bank has opened here in the UK, with the avowed aim to make ‘hair loss a thing of the past’ is certainly exciting but Dr David Fenton’s advice is to approach this new concept with some caution. It’s thought that over six million men in the UK are suffering […]

UK researchers find a way to prevent hair loss from chemo

UK researchers have recently made a major breakthrough into the prevention of hair loss from chemotherapy. The researchers from the University of Manchester discovered why a cancer drug causes hair loss commonly experienced by chemo patients. They now hope these findings could be used to develop new treatments which could prevent this devastating side effect. […]

faecal transplants for hair loss

Effectiveness of faecal transplants for hair loss

Research is constantly being carried out to identify and develop potential treatments for hair loss. While JAK Inhibitors and topical medications tend to be the main focus, there’s been a few more radical treatments being researched too. One of the more unusual treatments currently being looked into is faecal transplants. Scientists are looking into whether […]

minoxidil as alopecia areata treatment

Use of minoxidil as alopecia areata treatment effective

The autoimmune condition alopecia areata is thought to affect two people in every 1,000 in the UK and there is no known cure – there is also no treatment that works for everyone suffering from alopecia areata. Some treatments work for some people and one that has been found to produce effective results for many […]

menopausal hair loss

New Survey Reveals Extent of Hair Loss During the Menopause

Women have a lot of unpleasant side effects to deal with during the menopause. However, one of the most devastating to deal with can be menopausal hair loss, or thinning, which occurs both in the leadup and in the aftermath of this natural change. Now, a new survey has revealed just how significant hair loss […]

seasonal hair loss

Seasonal hair loss: summer hair shedding is a thing

A new study has revealed that summer shedding might just be a thing. The researchers used Google search analysis and identified that hair loss searches were most frequently carried out in summer. Interestingly, the research showed hair loss searches increased during summer within both hemispheres of the globe. So, is summer shedding really a thing […]

3d printing solution to male pattern hair loss

Could 3D Printing be the Solution to Male Pattern Hair Loss?

Researchers from the Columbia University Irving Medical Centre have managed to successfully grow human hair in a lab environment. Up until now, there hasn’t been a way to grow human hair without it being implanted into the scalp. However, the Columbia researchers found a way to grow the hair completely in a dish without it […]

male pattern hair loss cure

Dr David Fenton comments on potential hair loss cure

The news that researchers had discovered a possible solution to male pattern hair loss has been covered extensively in the UK and around the world and Dr David Fenton was asked to comment on the story for one of our national newspapers. Currently, hair transplant surgery is the only permanent solution to hair loss and […]

keto diet and hair loss

Exploring the Keto Diet and hair loss

The Keto Diet has become one of the most popular diets in recent times. Originally designed to help those who suffer with epileptic seizures, the diet is now most commonly used to achieve speedy and significant weight loss. However, while followers of the Keto Diet may indeed drop the pounds, it can also produce some […]

senescent alopecia

Female hair loss survey claims 82% of women suffer from senescent alopecia

A recent study carried out by NetDoctor, has claimed that 82% of women suffer from Senescent Alopecia. Causing thinning of the hair across the entire scalp, it explains that the condition is thought to be age-related. London dermatologist Dr David Fenton explains that it is important to realise that Senescent Alopecia isn’t a recognised medical […]

Alopecia areata relapses may decrease with age, new study finds

Alopecia Areata is one of the more severe forms of hair loss, sometimes resulting in total baldness. It can affect children, men and women, and it can be particularly devastating due to the fact that there is no cure. However, a new study has provided hope for those suffering with the condition, revealing that the […]

Leading hair loss expert announces possible Androgenetic Alopecia cure

Leading hair loss researcher, Angela Christiano, is once again hoping to make history with her new innovative research into androgenetic alopecia. Over 20 years ago, Christiano made history when she became the first person to identify a hair loss gene. She was also the person who discovered that JAK Inhibitors could potentially be used to […]

New Assessment Tool for Female Hair Loss Conditions in Development

A new assessment tool for female hair loss conditions is moving into clinical trials to test its effectiveness. The system is set to be used to grade and assess Lichen Planopilaris, which includes a type of scarring hair loss. The tool, developed by researchers within the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA, is now being […]

Pharmaceutical companies race to bring alopecia areata drug to market

The bid to find a cure for alopecia areata has been something pharmaceutical companies have long been striving for. The condition, which is said to affect 2 people in every 1000 in the UK, is currently incurable. However, two pharmaceutical companies are now racing to bring their alopecia areata drug onto the market. Here, we’ll […]

5 Common Hair Loss in Women Triggers

Hair loss is often seen as a general condition, but did you know it can be triggered by a huge variety of factors? There are a lot of different types of hair loss you could be experiencing and it’s crucial to get to the root cause before attempting to treat it. Here, we’ll look at […]

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